Spotlight on Mr. Hoosteen

Meet Mr. Hoosteen: From the mind of a New York based producer/graphic designer, Mr. Hoosteen draws heavy inspiration from disco and its descendants and reincarnations (because you simply cannot kill disco, it’s just not possible). Since his debut in 2015 on the OMEAC label, Mr. Hoosteen has sought to create an ethereal and sometimes flamboyantContinue reading “Spotlight on Mr. Hoosteen”

Spotlight on Cool Million

Meet Cool Million: Influenced by the 80’s synth funk of The S.O.S. Band, Midnight Star and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Cool Million are a European production duo whose mission statement is to “take soul back to the future.” Founded by Danish songwriter Frank Ryle, a passionate soul music fan who ran his own magazine,Continue reading “Spotlight on Cool Million”

Spotlight on Ollie Happyness

Meet Ollie Happyness: “Don’t resist, One Love. Follow on social media for videos of me eating bagels”. Source: About Ollie Happyness, Spotify. My Kind of Music, with Ollie Happyness. Something SPECIAL. Yep, that’s it. That’s all we’re getting as far as general info is concerned. You think that’s quirky? Lemme tell you how this littleContinue reading “Spotlight on Ollie Happyness”

Spotlight on SDR

Meet SDR: SDR began as an outlet for the funky feelings of this UK based producer/musician. The project keeps evolving from dancey bops to more emotional, ethereal synth-pop they’ve produced for others such as labelmate and long time collaborator Alex Edwin and Rob Clemz. Sharing musical spheres with the likes of Fibre, Discoholic and CaminoContinue reading “Spotlight on SDR”

Spotlight on Strawberry Station

Meet Strawberry Station: a Future Funk Artist from England and currently living in Toronto, Canada. Muddling his way through life and trying to make tunes that people vibe to in the process! He’s always had a love for happy music and that’s his over-arching vibe, but you will occasionally hear more melancholy stuff in hereContinue reading “Spotlight on Strawberry Station”