Spotlight on Sidekick Wave

Meet Sidekick Wave: A Producer hailing from Orange, California, but  ‘sporadic traveling’ – currently in Mexico – and overall very nice guy with a positive twitter attitude, I quote: ‘I make music as Sidekick Wave and run the boutique genre-neutral label Civic Duty Records. You may find me interesting or you may not, it’s okayContinue reading “Spotlight on Sidekick Wave”

Spotlight on Waavypanda

Meet Waavypanda: Music producer and twitter personality from The Bahamas and most likely the only one reading the blog from there. His Bandcamp bio should give it away, but I’m not fooled by it: ‘yo I make ambient lofi and vaporwave stuff’. Emphasis on stuff. His creativity seems to have no bound, taking him to vaporwaveContinue reading “Spotlight on Waavypanda”

Spotlight 2 on Lope & Kantola

Meet Lope & Kantola: Yes, we’re back to this groovy, (more than) Disco duo from Finland. I could repeat the Spotify intro, but you can read that for yourself in Spotlight on Lope & Kantola. However, what other ways are there to properly introduce them here? I think the most important one is how theyContinue reading “Spotlight 2 on Lope & Kantola”

Spotlight on Instantreigen

Meet Instantreigen: An artist I really encourage you to discover, because of their enormous talent expressed in their incredible use of colors. Their designs do not merely exist on (virtual) paper, but are also brought to life through other objects, like for example, pins, stickers and t-shirts. Designs so vibrant, I couldn’t resist asking themContinue reading “Spotlight on Instantreigen”

Spotlight 2 on A-P Connection

Meet A-P Connection: An autoproduced French Funk music duo founded in 2012 in Reims. Growing up, Antoine Perez and Pierre Bonnet were mostly influenced by the funk and disco music of the 70’s and 80’s. It was obvious that playing music would become part of their lives. At the early beginning they played only guitarContinue reading “Spotlight 2 on A-P Connection”

Spotlight on Mr. Hoosteen

Meet Mr. Hoosteen: From the mind of a New York based producer/graphic designer, Mr. Hoosteen draws heavy inspiration from disco and its descendants and reincarnations (because you simply cannot kill disco, it’s just not possible). Since his debut in 2015 on the OMEAC label, Mr. Hoosteen has sought to create an ethereal and sometimes flamboyantContinue reading “Spotlight on Mr. Hoosteen”