My Mom, the Warrior (2-The Battle)

My Mom, the Warrior (2-The Battle) (or how I’m wondering about her battle lately) ⚔️ What I’ve been doing lately? Thinking. Thinking long and hard. And yes, it did hurt at times I can tell ya. Apart from all the pandemic related stuff, which, to be honest, was more than I would’ve liked it toContinue reading “My Mom, the Warrior (2-The Battle)”

Integrity, the Wholesome Package

Integrity, the Wholesome Package (or how I value doing good when nobody’s watching) 🎁 Looking up the meaning of the word integrity, gives me an immediate, clear description of the trait that can have such a great impact on our lives when implemented daily: ‘The quality of being honest and fair’. 🎁 Lacking integrity willContinue reading “Integrity, the Wholesome Package”