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2020 has been MAD in more than one way. Let’s see what 2021 holds for us!

On this new page, you can find all the links to the articles published in 2021, as the header says. I will continue to update my Homepage weekly, with a link to the latest article and my fav artists. (Some just won’t leave 😂) The only new thing is the extra section I added in the main menu: Flashlight. (A mini Spotlight if you will) Flashlight: A short personal impression of newly released music. Just Feels.





Change is the Spice of Life

(or how I like my life seasoned) Continue reading>>>

Fearless I Am Not

(or how I fear less) Continue reading>>>

Just Imagine

(or what was I thinking?) Continue reading>>>

Do You Remember?

(or how I get lost on memory lane) Continue reading>>>

Some Cheesy Stuff

(or how cheeseball could be my middle name) Continue reading>>>

When we Met (1)

(or how our story began) Continue reading>>>

When we met (2)

(or how our story continued) Continue reading>>>

When we met (3)

(or how I still don’t get to the envelopes…) Continue reading>>>

When we Met (4)

(or how I am taking you back, to where I started this adventure) Continue reading>>>

Mark & Loïs Bailey

🤵🏻👰🏽𝟙•𝟛•𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟙💍мαяк & ℓσϊѕ вαιℓєу Continue reading>>>

My Kind of Music (2)

(or how I’m strolling down Music Memory Lane) Continue reading>>>

Ok Bye

(or how I grew tired of playing nice) Continue reading>>>

Love is Here

This is written in hopes of acknowledging, comforting and encouraging, those who are going through a mentally or spiritually, tough time. Continue reading>>>

Ready? Mind-Set-Go!

(or how I turn from mindgames to mindset) Continue reading>>>

Flowers Galore

(or how I bloomed in the midst of the bulbs) Continue reading>>>

My Mom, the Warrior

(or how I sometimes wish I could just pick up the phone…) Continue reading>>>

Granny Smith

(or how I feel, now I’m Nana) Continue reading>>>

Wait, I’m on WHATT now?

(or What Am I Even Doing?) Continue reading>>>

Know Thyself

(or how ‘Extroverted Introvert’ continues) Continue reading>>>

YeeeY, I Survived the First Year!

(or how I wrote my a** off) Continue reading>>>

To Be or Not to Be, Offended

(or how it may be given, it’s not a gift & I’m not taking it) Continue reading>>>

See ya Later!

(or how I believe goodbyes can lead to success) Continue reading>>>

Multiplying Wonders

(or how I always miscalculate) Continue reading>>>

A Very Spaghetti Birthday

(or how I’d cook my fav birthday-spaghetti-on-a-budget) Continue reading>>>

Are We There Yet?

(or how I wish it could stay spring forever) Continue reading>>>

The Effort that’s Called Support

(or how this is totally NOT IT-related, though that takes real effort too) Continue reading>>>

Be SELF-ish

(or how self care should come first) Continue reading>>>

HELP! The Unheard Cry

(or how my ears are overruled by my heart) Continue reading>>>


(or how I reach beyond-boiling point) Continue reading>>>

Little Pineapple Delight

(or how I forgot baking this is way past therapeutic) Continue reading>>>

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