Spotlight on Strawberry Station

Meet Strawberry Station: a Future Funk Artist from England and currently living in Toronto, Canada. Muddling his way through life and trying to make tunes that people vibe to in the process! He’s always had a love for happy music and that’s his over-arching vibe, but you will occasionally hear more melancholy stuff in hereContinue reading “Spotlight on Strawberry Station”

Flashlight on ‘Levitating’, by TJG

Flashlight #2: A short personal impression of a newly released track. Just Feels. ‘Levitating’, a Dua Lipa cover, by The Jupiter Gallery. If you love the Dua Lipa song – and honestly, who doesn’t? – you will have to give this cover a go for sure. The combination of the original track, from an albumContinue reading “Flashlight on ‘Levitating’, by TJG”

Flashlight on ‘Desire’, by Lexaccino.

Launching my first Flashlight: A short personal impression of newly released music. Just Feels. ‘Desire’, by Lexaccino. ‘Desire’ by Lexaccino is a track I’d play endlessly: My at-home-holiday, imagining Sun, Sea & Cool Drinks. I’m In! Well Done girl! Released on Bandcamp today, 2/7/2021, is ‘Desire’, by the multi-talented Lexaccino, a ‘sucker for nostalgia’ in herContinue reading “Flashlight on ‘Desire’, by Lexaccino.”