2020 Spotlight

Special Features – starting 7/17/2020

Spotlight on – My kind of Music Series.

To make life easier, here is the list of all my Spotlights from 2020. The Spotlights from this year, remain on the original Spotlight page. All the links to their articles, their music profiles, as well as to their social media are added. You can also listen to their music on any of my playlists. I will do my best to update any new releases here. Click the pics 😉






Spotlight on YOU

X-Mas Special: Combining some of my readers with some of the interviewed artists and listen to what ‘Your Kind of Music’ is.

Spotlight on The Jupiter Gallery

The Jupiter Gallery

Follow The Jupiter Gallery on Spotify – YouTube – Instagram – Facebook – Twitter , or for more streaming platforms, simply go to linktr.ee/The JupiterGallery

Levitating – Dua Lipa Cover

Latest release: Levitating – Dua Lipa Cover

Spotlight on DUCAT


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Latest release: Cyberphunk 5/28/2021

Spotlight on OHYEAH


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Ode To Love

Latest release: Ode To Love 6/4/2021

Spotlight on Wizard of Loneliness

Wizard of Loneliness

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Check SoundCloud!

Latest release: with the speed WoL is releasing… check his SoundCloud 😉

Spotlight on SleepPattern


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Watch SleepPattern on YouTube

Spotlight on XANAX


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Xanax – Hazard Lights (Original Mix)

Latest release: Hazard Lights – Remix 1/9/2021

Spotlight on Vaporspace StL

Vaporspace StL

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Vaporspace StL

And Twitch

Spotlight on T-BOW


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Magnum Funk (Album)

Latest release: Magnum Funk (Album) 1/8/2021

Spotlight on Discoholic


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Latest release: Discoholic LIVE @ Disco Forever 2/20/2021

Spotlight on Doktor Plekter

Doktor Plekter

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Bloghaus/Filthyhaus Mix

Latest release: Pleiades Festival – Bloghaus/Filthyhaus Mix 1/18/2021

Spotlight on Lope & Kantola

Lope & Kantola

Follow Lope & Kantola on Spotify – YouTube – SoundCloud – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter


Latest release: Album Audiophile 5/7/2021

Spotlight on Akara


Follow Akara (TJMC) on: YouTube – SoundCloud – Instagram

The Jukebox Music Club

Since we’re talking about The Jukebox Music Club (YT), I suggest you just find TJMC and see what’s the latest!

Spotlight on JNATHYN


Follow JNATHYN on: Spotify – YouTube – SoundCloud – Instagram – Twitter


Latest release: Dioma 1/29/2021

Spotlight on SoundKid


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Without You Only Get What You Give

Latest release: Without You Only Get What You Give – New Radicals/Avicii/Sandro Cavazza (SoundKid Mashup) 5/29/2021

Spotlight on Funk LeBlanc

Funk LeBlanc

Follow Funk LeBlanc on: Spotify – YouTube SoundCloud – Instagram – Facebook

Waves With You

Latest release: Waves With You, EDES Remix 6/4/2021

Spotlight on A-P Connection

A-P Connection

Follow A-P Connection on: Spotify – YouTube – SoundCloud – Instagram – Facebook

Beyond – Album

Latest release: Beyond – Album 1/13/2020 Latest update Spotlight: 8/23/2020

Spotlight on Marc Leclercq

Marc Leclercq

Follow Marc Leclercq on: Spotify – YouTube SoundCloud – Instagram – Facebook


Latest release: Caribe 6/4/2021 Latest update Spotlight: 8/27/2020

Spotlight on Limón Limón

Limón Limón

Follow Limón Limón on: Spotify – YouTube SoundCloud – Instagram – Facebook

Still In The Dark

Latest release: Still In The Dark 28/5/2021

Spotlight on Jason Gallo-Gaffner

Jason Gallo-Gaffner

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Vertical Takeoff – Bit Funk, Jason Gaffner

Latest release: Vertical Takeoff 21/5/2021

Spotlight on EDES


Follow EDES on: Spotify – YouTube – SoundCloud – Instagram – Facebook

Waves With You

Latest release: Waves With You, EDES Remix 6/4/2021 Latest update Spotlight 9/3/2020

Spotlight on La Felix

La Felix

Follow La Felix on: Spotify – YouTube – SoundCloud – Instagram – Facebook


Latest release: Unlovable 3/25/2021

Spotlight on Tollef


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Latest release: Amnesia – Tollef Remix 28/5/2021

Spotlight on Wern Records

Wern Records

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Wern Releases Playlist

Find the latest release in their Spotify Playlist

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